IPL Cricket Match Riddle: Win and Score Centuries

In an IPL Cricket match 3 runs were required in 2 balls to win with only one wicket in hand. The batsman on strike is on 98 and the non-striker is on 97. How can both batsman score centuries as well as win the match? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your … Read more

Whatsapp Cricket Riddle: Which Batsman Will Be shown Not Out

Cricket Riddles and puzzles are getting popular on WhatsApp now. Here is another one which is a bit tricky and makes you think. I actually had to sit with a pen and paper to get it right. One simple question for cricket lovers…Batting team comes for batting and their 10 batsmen get out in 10 … Read more

Guess the names of the movies from dialogues

Whatsapp Puzzles are getting difficult by the day. So many groups on whatsapp and people are waiting to solve this kind of puzzles. So here’s one more. Guess the names of the movies from dialogues Rahul, naam to suna hoga Kitne aadmi the Pyar to maine kar liya, shayad mujhse dobara na ho, It is … Read more