How Many Tennis Balls Does Anna Have?

Grab a pen and paper to solve this riddle. Shaun and Anna have a collection of tennis balls. Shaun said if Anna gives him 4 of her balls they would have an equal number; but if Shaun would give Anna 4 of his balls, Anna would have 2 times as many balls as Shaun. How … Read more

Fun Riddle: You Overtake The Second Place Person In A Race.

Answer within 3 seconds. You overtake the second place person in a race. What position are you in now? First Second Third If you get the answer within 3 seconds you are a quick thinker. Share the riddle with your friends on WhatsApp groups and find out who among your friends think as fast as … Read more

Find The Odd One Out: America, Australia, France, Russia & China

Share the riddle when you get the answer. Look at the list given and find the odd one out. America Australia France Russia China Share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp when you get the answer. Answer: France: because it ends with an ‘e’ all other end with ‘a’

How is Mark Able to Stay Ahead of Alex and Jacob?

Have fun with this riddle and think out of the box to answer this one. Mark is walking and behind him are Alex and Jacob who are sprinting towards him. No matter how fast these youngsters sprinted towards Mark, they could not catch up with him. Do you know the reason why Mark was able … Read more