Which Word is Spelled Incorrectly in any English dictionary?

Enjoy this easy Sunday Fun-day Riddle. Which word is Spelled Out Incorrectly in any English dictionary? Do you know the answer? Share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. Answer: Incorrectly is the answer.

Sunday Riddle: “The Yolk Of Egg Is White” Or “Egg Yolk Is White”

Answer this Sunday Funday Riddle. Test your English Grammar skills.. Below given are 2 statements. Which of them is correct? 1. “the yolk of egg is white” or 2. “egg yolk is white”??? Share this riddle with your friends on WhatsApp groups and Facebook to test them Answer: It’s a trick question, both the statements are … Read more

Word Riddles: Complete the Words By Filling in the Missing Vowels

Here’s an easy riddle to keep your day easy. Complete the following words with the missing vowels. EG: Example would become _x_mpl_ with missing vowels. 1. _lb__t 2. G_r_ 3. _nkn_wn 4. Sp__r 5. C_t_l_g__ 6. _r__ 7. _rg_n_z_t__n 8. _c_n_my 9. L_g_t_m_t_ 10. M_b_l_ Leave your answers in the comment section. Did you have … Read more

Fun Word Riddle Games: Find Related Words For the Pair

Charge Your Brain Ten word pairs are given below. And each PAIR of hints relate to TWO words. One of them is the other one spelled backward. Example: married, moisture. Answer:  wed — dew Charge Your Brain light source — rodents dwell —  wicked retain —  sneaking look weapons —  tight fit portion —  catching … Read more