Whatsapp Riddle: A Cowboy Arrives In Town On Sunday

This is IAS exam question. Try to answer it. It’s very simple, just read carefully n answer. A cowboy arrives in town on Sunday. He stays for 3 days and then leaves on Sunday. How is that possible……?? Only genius can answer…..!! Try answering it….!! So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your … Read more

Mr. Ryan went to the Market with his Dog

I got 2 forms of these Riddles, both are interesting so adding both of them here. Guess the answer after reading the Riddles. 1. Crack d below question .. Mr. Ryan went to the Market with his Dog.. He rode on a horse to the Market. But walked till the market. The horse’s name was … Read more

How Many Times Will Dave Have To Paint The Number Nine?

Daft Dave has been hired to paint the house numbers on a recently completed housing estate. There are one hundred houses and therefore Dave has to paint all of the numbers from 1 to 100. How many times will Dave have to paint the number nine? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave … Read more

Speed Riddle: Who Will Reach The Hotel First?

Read the riddle and use your logical skills to solve it. Alex and Martin are planning on a vacation. Alex says, “It will be better if we take the train to the hotel. We will reach faster.” To this, Martin says, “No. You are wrong. The train stops at halfway to the hotel and then … Read more

Tough Number Sequence Riddle: 2 3 3 5 5 4 7 5 11 6 ? ?

Here’s a tough number sequence riddle that will keep you occupied for sometime. It is said that only 2% of the people who attempted this were able to solve it within 2 minutes. So start solving and time yourself, If you crack it within 2 minutes you are a genius. Find the next number in … Read more

Guess the 11 Letter Word: 8,9,1,11 Letters Represent Residence

Guess the word from the hints given in the riddle. I am a 11 letter word. My 8,9,1,11 letters represent the residence. 7,2,9,5 is the place where we can swim 1,4,5,11 is a unit of distance 10,9,3,6,5 is an international prize 2,9 letters are same 6,11 letters are same. So were you able to solve … Read more

What Would be the Maximum Distance Covered by the Scooter

Use all the logic that you have to solve this riddle. A man is riding a two-wheeler scooter on a challenging road. The tires/tyres wear out quickly on this road. He has 1 spare tire so 3 tires in total. Each tyre can go a maximum of 10 km. What is the maximum distance that … Read more