Picture Riddle: Do You See Anything in the Red Circle?

Leave what you see in the comments section. This is again a picture riddle that went viral like the blue/red dress riddle. Some see it immediately and some took days to see it. Do you see anything in the red circle? If Yes, how long did it take you to see it? Once you see it, … Read more

Picture Riddle: Do You See Anything Strange in this Photo?

Leave your answers in the comment section. Do you see anything strange in this picture?   Did you ever see such weird things when you were shopping? I would love to see any such pictures that you may have. Feel free to email me these pictures at me@BhaviniOnline.com and if our team finds it great … Read more

Picture Riddle: How Many Kids are There in The Photo?

Share it when you get the answer top the riddle. How many kids can you count in the picture below? Check if you got the correct answer by clicking the link below;