How Much Toll Will A Man Travelling From Kerala to Mumbai Pay With Coconuts

Read the riddle and help the man calculate the toll. A man leaves from Kerala with 3 sacks of 30 coconuts each. He comes across 30 tolls till he reaches Mumbai. He has to give 1 coconut for each sack containing coconuts as toll tax at every toll. How much coconuts are left with him … Read more

Whatsapp Number Riddle: Find the Next Number in the Series

Here’s a Whatsapp Numerical Riddle for those who like to play with numbers. You have to find the next number in the series. Let’s see who can crack this; 5 – 4 = 23 8 – 1 = 63 6 -16 = 32 9 – 9 = 78 3 – 9 = 6 3 – 81 = ? … Read more

Whatsapp Riddle: I am a 7 letter word

In Whatsapp Word Riddles, you get a hint of what the word is from a few lines mentioned in the riddle. You have to guess the word from the mentioned clues and it should fit perfectly with all the clues. Here’s how it goes. I am a 7 letter word; a lot of kids love … Read more

Whatsapp Quiz Time

Here is a new set of Whatsapp quiz questions that i was asked. So posting the answers for your convinience. 🙂 Whatsapp Quiz No.1 Tell a seven letter english word in which: First-two letters indicate a boy….. First-three letters indicate a girl….. First -four letters indicate a boy….. N whole word indicates a girl…. let’s … Read more

Whatsapp Riddle: Who is the Doctor?

Whatsapp Riddle Who is The Doctor

One for Whatsapp Riddle forwarded to me. This one apparently was asked in an IAS interview, dont know how genuine is that info. But yes a nice riddle that you can send to your friends and make them think. Here’s how it goes. IAS Interview question . . A Father & his Son was travelling … Read more