Brain Exercise Riddles: Find The Third Word Connected to The Pair of Words

Here is a brain exercise whose aim is to stimulate the connections or associations between words in your temporal lobe. In the left column you have a pair of words. Your goal is to find a third word that is connected or associated with both of these two words. The first pair is PIANO and … Read more

Word Riddle Games: Find Words Ending With “ANT”

Test your vocabulary with this word riddle game. Find the words that end with the letters “ANT” in the clues given below. For example: Q: What kind of an ant works with figures? Ans: An accountANT. What kind of “ANT” Lives in the jungle? Is far away? Is extraordinarily large? Works for a master? Is … Read more

Word Riddle Games: Guess The Words From the Given Hints

Brain bat or Rebus are a kind of brain teaser where a combination of letter or word represent a word. You have to crack the meaning of the rebus by looking at the combination. They are fun and witty. So I hope you enjoy solving them. Guess the words from the hints provided. ECHSE ASH/E EMS … Read more

WhatsApp Fun Word Riddles: Nobody Can Read Without Me

One more fun word riddle that you can share with your friends on WhatsApp and Social Media. Solve this WhatsApp Guess the word riddle. I have 9 letters……. Nobody can read without me…. 4+5+6 is an animal… 7 is me…. 3 is u… 2+8+9+1 is completed… Who am I? Do share with your friends Answer: … Read more