Make Your Own Flavored Lip Gloss At Home

Winter brings with it issues like dry and chapped lips. The most common thing people use is a lip balm to take care of this problem. Lip balms come in different fruity flavors. Tired of always searching for that balm flavor you love? Now you can make lip balm in any flavor you like with … Read more

How to Give Dolls a Makeover

Some people think that modern dolls have too much of an “adult” look to them. It’s surprisingly easy to transform the dolls so that you can customize them! Drag Queens Give Ken Dolls Drag Makeovers Transcripts of the Video: 00:00 I’m so straight this is Ken and I’m 00:06 gonna drag this bitch up I … Read more

Life hack! Turn a glue stick into butter spread

‘BogoVideo’ gets creative in this tutorial video as we learn how to replace the glue in a glue stick with butter for fun and easy spreading. Just make sure to thoroughly wash and remove all the glue before adding the butter! Did you enjoy the video? Do share your feedback in the comments section below.