Viral Videos: Amazingly Trained Dog Jumpy

Meet Jumpy, the amazing Cattle dog with the most amazing routine ever. Never in all my life have I seen a dog so well trained! Will your dog listen to you, this well? Don’t miss the last 7 seconds, when Jumpy finally gets what he wants. It’s totally delightful! This video was made by Omar … Read more

Little girl adorably trains her puppy

She may be smaller, but she’s definitely the boss! Watch as little Hadley teaches her puppy Gauge how to give a paw for treats. Have you ever seen anything so adorable?! Little girl adorably trains her puppy Did you enjoy the video? Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

Baby Can’t Stop Laughing at His Favorite Movie Scene

This baby is adorable. You will love Will. Will has a new favorite movie scene that makes him burst into delightfully uncontrollable giggles. The Halloween classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is known for its amazing art, carefully crafted dialogue, and musical numbers. But what’s hilarious is how Will finds a most forgettable scene to be … Read more

Funny Home Videos: This Baby Cries Every Time A Book Ends

How do you feel when an awesome book ends? May be empty or you feel that it ended too soon and you are ready for more on it. Here’s a baby who hates book endings. 10-month-old Emmett here in this video, who cries every time his parents finish and close a book they’re reading to … Read more