Fun Picture Riddle: Find the Bird Hidden in The Photo

Have fun while searching for a bird hidden in this picture. Nature is amazing, I really admire animal camouflage. If you too admire it, you will really like this one. I give you a biggest hint that it’s a bird in the animal and not a tortoise. 🙂 So search for the bird hidden in this … Read more

Picture Riddle: Find the Bird Hidden in the Forest

When you find it, share it!  There’s a bird in this picture of the forest, Can you find it? Don’t forget to share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer: The bird is marked in the picture below. In the right part of the picture you will see a green parrot with black eyes.

Picture Riddle: Find the Hidden Bird

When you find it, share it! Can you find things easily? What if you want to find a white object that’s fallen on snow filled forest? No, you actually don’t have to do it. Here’s a picture, there’s a bird somewhere in this picture and you have to search for it. Easy, right? Don’t forget to share it … Read more

Fun Picture Riddle: Which Animals Do You See in The Photo?

Share the smile with your friends when you discover it. Camouflage is a wonderful power given to animals by the nature. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to spot the animals with naked eyes. Here’s an amazing camouflage photo which will bring a smile on your face. Can you find the number of animals and name them? So … Read more