Awesome Slow Motion Video 2…Cannot Miss This

I admire the Slo-Mo guys videos a lot and i found these excellent compilation of his work. I hope you enjoy this video. The Video has many amazing things happening like; A Can of Diet Coke being shot. Smashing of glasses. Axing of a can of Axe Deoadrant Explosion of Balloons Bulb Breaking Spreading of … Read more

Awesome Slow Motion Video…Must See

These is an awesome compilation of Slow motion Videos. Be it the lighter lighter up or a bottle been sliced, every part in this video is worth watching. Do share it with your friends if you like it…Thanks. Amazing Slow Mo Compilation Did you enjoy the video? Do share your feedback in the comments section … Read more

Human Compassion or Sportsman Spirit? Either Ways This is the Way it Should Be.

Human Compassion or Sportsman Spirit? This is probably what sportsman spirit is all about. A wonderful video, that everyone should watch. So much of human compassion is shown in this video that you might get tears in your eyes just like me I really enjoyed watching these extraordinary people and hence I am sharing this … Read more