A Heart Touching Poem By an Abandoned Pet

This one has been doing rounds on all the social networking sites and I found it really heart touching. If you like it, share it. A really important message is conveyed through this poem and even if this helps and saves one dog from being abandoned it would mean a lot. “Woof!” I said as … Read more

A letter to my pet dog who is over the rainbow bridge

My sweet child Simba, Angels do exist on earth…I now know it! There are always certain instances and events which take place in life which are as fresh as yesterday, and never fade away! You entering my life was one such day! I have always loved Disney’s movie “The Lion King” and it has always … Read more

Mumbai a place to be or not to be?

When patience and helplessness turns into anguish and hatred… Another event in the history of Mumbai….another surprises…shocks…tears…and another series of condemns! Are we getting used to this bullshit crap which keeps happening repeatedly? The government just seems to take us for granted…and we like fools are letting them do so! The government came in action … Read more

India Rising or is it just the Inflation? A Common Man’s Perspective

Petrol Price Hike

Ever remember those days when you were born? All the weird things you did as a kid before you actually had your brains fully functional to remember your actions as a kid? Those little instances as a child at school, amongst friends, family members and in public spaces which when discussed today, make you feel … Read more

Moving ahead in life…is it time?

Hi friends, Very often in life we come across situations and events which are like signboards or signals about a change that is going to happen…some twist or turn in your life which may probably affect or change your life partially or fully? I come across these things very often…as if I am driving a … Read more


Hi Friends, Am back again and this time I wanna share with you all a poem which I had written when I met the love of my life…my darling hubby, Puneet way back in 2003! This one’s dedicated to him! You came into my world when the things seemed so dark, You came and put … Read more

Life is like mirror…

Sorry guys, have been really busy these days with first the Diwali celebration…was off to Nashik to in laws place for few days, and then in laws had come here…finally found sometime to write! I have been interacting with so many people in the past few days that every time I did something wherein I … Read more