Cricket Cryptic Quiz: Guess the Words

This quiz is especially for all the cricket fans. Test your cricket knowledge with this riddle on the sport.

Guess the words with the help of the hints given below;

1. Nomads gather to play here (9)
2. Additional LIC premium (5,5)
3. Silly to fight for residues (5)
4. Nightclubs employ him to eject trouble makers (7)
5. Sinful place to play the game (4,7)
6. Being in the forefront he undertook to build Indian cricket brick by brick (10)
7. Evil minded daughter goes out to gain time (6)
8. Generally neutral, he is excited by Nelsons (5,8)
9. These days maintain safe distance from him but you will get deceived (8)
10. Entrust security of the house to him so that you have a peaceful sleep (5,8)

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