Detective Picture Riddle: Is This a Murder or a Suicide? (IV)

Do you think you are a great detective? Let’s test your observation skills with this riddle.

In the given picture you will see a scenario in which a person is dead and there are things lying around from which you can do your investigation.

So after looking at the picture thoroughly what do you think it is?

A Suicide or murder?

So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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1 thought on “Detective Picture Riddle: Is This a Murder or a Suicide? (IV)”

  1. yeah, its a murder.. i accept..
    few details are contracted in the pic and your answer.

    In photo in this wall has a couple.. might be wife and husband. I guess man would be handcraft. as short shown in the ground is men, but where is he. has his crutches are at corner. hanged would be the wife as her legs are straight and mark of broken.

    come to your point 2.. glasses are two because are couple. this not valid reason.
    point 3. if The book and pen on the bed indicates that the person was actually reading on the bed, then what about folded shirt on the bed. might be she doing the work.

    can you give me clear explanation.


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