Logical Reasoning Riddle: How Old Are Walt And His Son?

Hone your logical reasoning skills by solving this riddle.

Eight years ago, Walt was eight times the age of his son Jesse.

Today, if you add their ages together, they add up to 52.

How old are Walt and his son?

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3 thoughts on “Logical Reasoning Riddle: How Old Are Walt And His Son?”

  1. Walt is 40 and his son is 12 because 8 years ago their ages added up to 52, you subtract 16 because it was 8 years ago for each of them, 52-16=36, start out with 2 numbers that equal 36 and multiply the lower number by 8, you should end up with 4 and 32, add 8 to both of the years and Walt is 40 while his son is 12, currently.

  2. Age of W is mentioned as 52. But it should be 40. J is 12. So total is 52. eight years back their ages are 32 and 4. So W age is eight times more than J.


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