The LEGO Batman Movie Series Minifigures Revealed

Good News for Lego fans.

These are the new minifigures being released on January 1 in 2017 in time for the new Lego Batman Movie. There are 20 to collect and plenty of the Batman minifigure in colours not seen before.

Over on the LEGO Facebook page, 20 new minifigures from The LEGO Batman Movie were unveiled, including several characters who have barely even appeared in the Batman comics. That includes the Mime, the Eraser, March Harriet, and Zodiac Master—none of whom are exactly well known names among comic book villains. Even hardcore comic fans would be hard pressed to identify them.

Barbara Barbara Gordon Catman Catman Clan Clan of the Cave Batman Commissioner Commissioner Gordon Dick Dick Grayson Fairy Fairy Batman Orca Orca Nurse Nurse Harley Quinn March March Harriet Lobster-Lovin\' Lobster-Lovin\’ Batman King King Tut Glam Glam Metal Batman Red Red Hood Eraser Eraser Calculator Calculator Zodiac Zodiac Master Vacation Vacation Batman Arkham Arkham Asylum Joker Mime Mime Pink Pink Power Batgirl

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