Fun Riddle: Find the Missing Letter in The Picture

Look at the picture and find the connection between the letters in the boxes.

They are connected in some way and if you find the logic you will be able to fill all the missing numbers.

To show that you have got the logic correct just find the value of the blue and red question mark.

Leave your answers in the comment section.

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1 thought on “Fun Riddle: Find the Missing Letter in The Picture”

  1. This is another straightforward problem. To solve this quickly, it will be best to remember the position of each letter within the alphabet. Along the left side of the triangle, there is a sequence of letters that begins with ‘K’ at the very top, and each successive position holds a letter that follows in the alphabet. That is, ‘K’ is followed by ‘L’, which is followed by ‘M’, and then ‘N’. Thus, the box with a red question mark must hold ‘O’. Parallel to that sequence is another sequence that begins with ‘G’. Applying the same pattern, the successors to ‘G’ are ‘H’, ‘I’, and ‘J’. Parallel to that sequence is the sequence that begins with ‘D’; it is followed by ‘E’ and ‘F’. Similarly, ‘B’ is followed by ‘C’.

    As for the box with a blue question mark, consider the sequence of letters along the right side of the triangle, starting with ‘K’ at the top and moving downward towards the blue question mark: ‘K’, ‘G’, ‘D’, ‘B’, and ‘?’. Using their corresponding positions in the Roman alphabet, we have 11, 7, 4, 2, and unknown. The difference between 11 and 7 is 4, between 7 and 4 is 3, and 4 and 2 is 2. So, the progression is maintained if the difference between 2 and unknown is 1, meaning unknown is 1, which represent ‘A’.

    The fully filled-out triangle should appear as:

    L G
    M H D
    N I E B
    O J F C A

    Note: This web-site’s formatting and font may alter the appearance of the triangular arrangement — don’t blame me.


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