Fun Riddle: Find the Missing Number in the Circle

Look at the numbers in the circle and find the connection between them.

Find the missing number in the picture.

Share it with your friends on WhatsApp groups and see how many of them can get the right answer.

3 thoughts on “Fun Riddle: Find the Missing Number in the Circle”

  1. Take no.2 at the top, go clockwise and skip one section, find 2 power 2 =4
    Take no.3, go clockwise found no.2, 3 power 2 =9
    Last, take no.2 on the right handside, skip 1 section,found number 3, 2 power 3 =8 (this is the missing number)

  2. The best answer is 2 since then no matter how you divide the circle it will always be split into 13 and 9…


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