Fun Math Riddle: Find the Sum of Flowers

An easy riddle which you will enjoy solving.

In the picture are given some equations from which you can find the value of the flowers and hence find the sum of all 3 flowers in the picture.

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Lets represent the flowers with the colors and form equations;

So let the Red flower be R;

Blue flower be B &

Yellow flower be F.

So we can write the first equation as;

R + R + R = 60

i.e 3R = 60.


R = 20

Now the second equation can be written as;

R + B + B = 30;

20 + 2B = 30

2B = 10

B = 5.

Now the 3rd equation can be written as;

B – 2Y = 3

5- 2Y = 3

2Y = 2


Y = 1

The last equation is;

R + B + Y = ?

20 + 5 + 1 = 26;

Answer = 26

10 thoughts on “Fun Math Riddle: Find the Sum of Flowers”

  1. The pictures of the flowers are stock images for a deep red rose with stem and thorns, a blue-tinted Gerbera daisy, and a yellow daisy. The image of the two yellow daisies in the third equation is literally the stock image with a copy that overlaps the first flower; i.e., both flowers are identical.

    Anyway, the answer shown above is incorrect in two of its last four steps, but the final answer is correct. Here’s the relevant text:

    The last equation is;
    R + B + Y = ?
    20 + 5 + 1 = 26;
    Answer = 26

    The last equation should be “R + Y + B = ?”, which leads to “20 + 1 + 5 = 26”. Technically, interchanging B and Y is wrong, but it does not matter here because both math operators are “+” making their order irrelevant. If different operators were used, then the result likely would be wrong.

  2. The believe the answer is no. The original question is “can you solve this?” We don’t know the actual value if of “2 yellow stem” . It can be 2 or as explained in An earlier post “yellow x yellow”. Me assuming it’s two different images went with the unknown value of “1 yellow flower” because “2 yellow flower” is 2

        • Thank you CJ
          CJ is correct. yy or y*y which is y squared = 2 there for y = 1.414213562373095

          You established that order of operations exist in this puzzle when you used the plus signs in equations 1 and 2. If you wanted to disregard multiplication than you should have only 3 red flowers with no addition signs in between.

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