Word Riddles: Complete the Words By Filling in the Missing Vowels

Here’s an easy riddle to keep your day easy.

Complete the following words with the missing vowels.

EG: Example would become _x_mpl_ with missing vowels.

1. _lb__t
2. G_r_
3. _nkn_wn
4. Sp__r
5. C_t_l_g__
6. _r__
7. _rg_n_z_t__n
8. _c_n_my
9. L_g_t_m_t_
10. M_b_l_

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The answers are as follows;

  1. _lb__t: Albeit
  2. G_r_: Garo
  3. _nkn_wn: Unknown
  4. Sp__r: Spear
  5. C_t_l_g__: Catalogue
  6. _r__: Area
  7. _rg_n_z_t__n: Organization
  8. _c_n_my: Economy
  9. L_g_t_m_t_: Legitimate
  10. M_b_l_: Mobile

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