WhatsApp Riddle: What is the Height of this Man?

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In the picture given, the size of the man is along with a block is compared side by side.

The blocks are placed in different ways in both the measurements.

From the given information, can you find the height of the man?

Were you able to find it?

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Since I have received the image on WhatsAppp hte quality of the picture is not that great but yes, it’s good enough to understand the riddle.


We can find the height of the man by forming 2 equations with the given information.

Let us consider;

M= Height of the man

L = length of the Block &

H = height of the block.

In first case we can write;

M – L +H = 166 &

In second case we can write

M – H + L = 192.

Adding these 2 equations we get;

2M = 358


Height of the Man = M = 179

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