Money Saving Riddle: When Will the Man Save $ 60?

Are you good at saving money or calculating money matters?

Try this riddle where you will get some tips about money saving.

On 1st of February a man earns $ 20.

Out of which, he spends $ 15 on 2nd day.

He again earns $ 20 on 3rd day and spends $ 15 on 4th day.

If he saves like this,

On which day will he have $ 60 in hand?

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By Earning & Spending he would have Rs.5 every 2 days.

So by the 16th day he would have saved Rs.40.

Then on 17th day he would earn Rs. 20 more making it Rs. 60 on the 17th day.

So answer = The man will have Rs. 60 in his hand for the first time on the 17th day.

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