Word Riddle Games: Find Words Ending With “ANT”

Test your vocabulary with this word riddle game.

Find the words that end with the letters “ANT” in the clues given below.

For example:

Q: What kind of an ant works with figures?

Ans: An accountANT.

What kind of “ANT”

  1. Lives in the jungle?
  2. Is far away?
  3. Is extraordinarily large?
  4. Works for a master?
  5. Is good-natured?
  6. Is unchanging?
  7. Is luxurious?
  8. Is one who takes part?
  9. Is a very small child?
  10. Is sleeping?
  11. Is very bright?
  12. Is empty?
  13. Is immediate?
  14. Is plentiful?
  15. Has moved to a diferent country?
  16. Is meaningful?
  17. Is something that grows?
  18. Has infuence over others?
  19. Is unsure and indecisive?
  20. Lives in a certain place?


  1. Lives In The Jungle: Elephant, Plant, Ant
  2. Is Far Away: Distant
  3. Is Extraordinarily Large: Giant
  4. Works For A Master: Servant
  5. Is Good-Natured: Pleasant
  6. Is Unchanging: Constant
  7. Is Luxurious: Elegant
  8. Is One Who Takes Part: Participant
  9. Is A Very Small Child: Infant
  10. Is Sleeping: Dormant
  11. Is Very Bright: Brilliant
  12. Is Empty: Vacant
  13. Is Immediate: Instant
  14. Is Plentiful: Abundant
  15. Has Moved To A Different Country: Immigrant
  16. Is Meaningful: Significant
  17. Is Something That Grows: Plant
  18. Has Influence Over Others: Dominant
  19. Is Unsure And Indecisive: Hesitant
  20. Lives In A Certain Place: Inhabitant

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