Mind Riddle: How Many Bottles Did Mark Break?

Challenge your brains with this fun math riddle.

Mark was a careless delivery truck driver.

He used to break wine bottles while delivering them.

So his owner Garry rolled out an incentive program to lure Mark.

Mark would get an incentive of $ 3 for every intact wine bottle he delivered and he would be fined $9 for every wine bottle he broke.

On a particular day, Mark was given 100 bottles to deliver.

After the delivery Garry paid Mark $ 240 as per the incentive program.

How many wine bottles did Mark break?



Let us consider;

S: number of wine bottles delivered safely,

B: number of wine bottles broken on the way.

From the given information we can write 2 equations.

3S – 9B = 240 _________ (1)

S + B = 100 ___________(2)

Dividing (1) by 3 we get

S – 3B = 80 ___________ (3)

Subtracting (2) – (3) we get;

4B = 20


B = 5

And S = 95

Mark delivered 95/100 wine bottles safely and he broke 5 on the way.



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