Fun Brain Teaser: Why Did The Parrot Not Talk?

Have fun with this brain teaser and share it with your friends.

Michael went to a pet shop in New York.

The shop owner told him that his parrot is so unique that he repeats everything he hears.

Michael got excited and immediately bought the parrot.

Michael went home and spoke many words, but parrot does not repeat anything.

He went again to pet shop to complain about the same.

But the shopkeeper said he never lies.

If the shopkeeper is right, then why did the parrot not repeat anthing?


The parrot was deaf so he cannot hear anything hence cannot repeat the words.

So the shopkeeper was speaking the truth when he said that the parrot repeats everything he hears. So it is possible that when the parrot could hear he did repeat things, but now that he cannot hear he cannot.


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