Amazing Optical Illusion – The Ames Room

Ever wondered how some objects seem to stare at you?

Watch the amazing documentary about optical illusion and how human brain is cheated.

Tales from the Prep Room: The Ames Room

Ames room creates an optical illusion altering the visual perspective. The right end is farther and lower than the left, but the doors, carpet and props are in much larger proportions so that they look proportional to the other side of the room view.

The Ri’s Andrew Marmery takes a break from Christmas Lecture rehearsals to describe how he designed a built a life-size Ames room for the show. The distorted room was named after ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames, who invented the optical illusion in 1934. The floor, ceiling and side walls of the room are trapezoidal in shape but when viewed from a specific fixed point it appears to be rectangular. As Andy demonstrates, anyone standing inside the room appears unusually large or unexpectedly small.

In 1934, ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames, Jr. devised a room that pushes the boundaries of human perception. Visit a virtual version of the now famous Ames room, as Scientific American Mind editor Ingrid Wickelgren explains how it works.

What Is the Ames Illusion?

Transcript of the video:

the ANC room illusion Creek the cartoonish and very intriguing effect of
drastic size differences between people and objects by tricking her depth
perception with an irregular shape through the wall ceiling and floor a
line in a way that will appear normal at just the right angle this causes
everything else in the room to appear to work in size
following eyes here is a simple but very effective illusion that makes it look
like these little guys are watching in this is done by manipulating the rate
you see perspective and the brain’s natural ability to pick out faces in
patterns the head is actually concave and this sets up a contradiction in your
brain to make it look like it’s turning to follow you circle illusion it is easy
to assume that these stocks are moving in a circular pattern however they are
not each dot is traveling in a straight line while on a contact from one end of
the circle to the other by adding each got one by one
you can see the illusion come into place

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