Super Cute Pet Video: Ettore The Lab Asks For Forgiveness

Pleading the dog owner….Please forgive me…
by hugging owner in adorable

The dog that learned to beg… for FORGIVENESS! Guilty pet gives its owner a hug and whimpers after it gets a telling off

A video showing a golden Labrador ‘apologizing for doing a bad thing’ has captured the internet’s heart and gone viral.

The cute clip shows the dog pawing and hugging at its owner as he holds him and appears to be giving him a stern talking to.

But in no time at all the man relents and cuddles his pet back
The gif was uploaded to imgur and captioned: “Dog aapologizesfor doing a bad thing.”


It prompted plenty of comments from dog lovers the world over and has now been viewed nearly two million times.

One smitten commentator added: “You forgive that dog immediately.

The adorable moment a remorseful dog begs for forgiveness after being scolded by his owner has been caught on camera.

While it’s not clear what crime Ettore the dog has committed, his guilt is clear during the short viral video clip.

Appearing downcast and lethargic, Ettore climbs onto his owner’s lap while being scolded for his misbehavior in the endearing attempt at forgiveness.
In an attempt to receive some affection, and perhaps by extension his owner’s forgiveness, he begins repeatedly rubbing his head against Mr Granai.

Mr Granai says: ‘Are you asking me to forgive you? You are wrong, Ettore.

‘Do you understand where you made the mistake?’

It’s only after Ettore places his front paws on Mr Granai’s shoulders that the two make peace – embracing each other in a hug.

Ettore the dog, apologizes to his owner

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