Ganpati Visarjan in Spain

in a multicultural festival celebrating all Ganesh Chaturthi “festival where the birth of Ganesha is celebrated in India and is considered as one of the happiest events of the year. ”

This year we had two developments. For one, the majestic work of art held in the artist Dani Mecca, who with love and devotion knew to shape their skills in creating an imperial throne to carry the God Ganesh. That resembled a mixture of Taj Mahal with classical procession of Holy Week, lined with golden strips and silver jeweled awarded rosemary leaves, rose petals and endless details.

This courtesy is appreciated the artist who created this magnificent work at no cost to the delight of all the faithful and devotees of Lord Ganesha. The second novelty, and also very welcome, is a dance company José Maria Lesmes, who had available to the Community best dancers dressed in true Indian style of Maharashtra state where they worship fervently Divinity of Ganesha.

Many of the members of the local community have walked with the Deity from La Marina, where it is Mirchandani Premi’s home, which is usually found until spring Spain, where he embarked for its traditional route along the coast of the autonomous city before plunging into the sea water, taking with it all the misfortunes of the mackerel population.

Along with the faithful, dozens of Ceuta and foreigners of all cultures and faiths attended a festive and lively atmosphere with music from the band of bitterness and even traditional Berber Moroccans dancers spontaneously have joined the procession. In the shrine of the patron has experienced one of the most emotional when entering the Deity Ganesh and his devotees to pay homage to the Virgin of Africa now. The Brotherhood of Rocio welcomed with a praise of the White Dove.

Ganpati Visarjan in Ceuta (Spain)

Ganesh Visarjan

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