Being Human When It Rains – 10 Simple Things You Can Do

Being Human when it rains – 10 Simple Things you can do to help everyone stay afloat.

1. Give your maid a day off. Or if she has literally swum her way to work, make sure she has breakfast and a hot cup of tea before she starts the day.

2. Don’t race your car over puddles of water on the road. You are drenching a pedestrian or a biker.

3. If your pav vala comes knocking on the door in the evening, buy something even if you don’t need it. You don’t know what all he has survived to get to your door.

4. Ditto for the dhobi. Think twice before sending him back empty handed.


5. Carry small food packets with you. Biscuits, bread, small eats. Give generously to those who are sweeping the streets, like it is any another day.

6. If you have decided to stay indoors and order food home, tip the delivery boys an extra something. Someone takes the showers so that you can stay warm.

7. Don’t ask your rickshaw driver to race even if you are in a hurry to get somewhere. It’s unsafe and unfair to him and his source of living.

8. Buy peanuts from the boys who are running from car to car in the traffic signal braving the pelting rains. It costs you….errr… “peanuts”

9. Send the peon home before you leave from work. He will have a longer commute than you.

10. Ask people around you if they need help. However random it may sound. You don’t know who’s home is flooded, who has been without electricity, and who struggles with commute.

Be Human ….


Author and Source: Anuradha Ganapathy

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