WhatsApp Riddle: 2 Sailors Standing On Opposite Sides Of The Ship

The captain of a ship was telling this interesting story:

“We traveled the sea far and wide.
At one time, two of my sailors were standing on opposite sides of the ship.
One was looking west and the other one east.
And at the same time, they could see each other clearly.”
How can that be possible?

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6 thoughts on “WhatsApp Riddle: 2 Sailors Standing On Opposite Sides Of The Ship”

  1. They are facing each other and looking on the direction mentioned. Only when are back to back they cannot see each other.

  2. because they are watching towards each other….. 1st look towards 2nd who is standing in front of him i.e. west and vice versa

  3. The Ship is moving either north to south or south to north. Then automatically the two persons standing on opposite SIDES of the ship can see each other too !


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