Tough Number Riddle: Guess ?? in 16, 06, 68, 88, ??, 98

Look at the series of numbers given in the riddle and find the connection between them.

Find value of ?? in the following sequence.

16, 06, 68, 88, ??, 98

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4 thoughts on “Tough Number Riddle: Guess ?? in 16, 06, 68, 88, ??, 98”

  1. The ans is 78. Following the logic without tempering with the format, u can establish that, the difference between 16-06 is (-10), that of 68-88 is (+20), that of 88-78 which is my answer is (-10) and that of 78-98 is (+20). Hence with the answer as 78, the logic is -10, +20, -10, +20. Now that is logic.

  2. if you rerason by inverting the numbers you get L8 which is 87 upside down and L8 is not a number. As Thomas says it is a spatial reasoning test not an algebraic one and the ansis actually 87. you look at the sequence from its bottom – but you should look at it from its top. Imagine the numbers are written on a floor then walk round them!

  3. No it isn’t. It’s 87 upside down, which isn’t a number. The whole point is that the answer is not algebraic but a spatial reasoning test.


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