How Will Birbal Find The Real King?

Here is an interesting story converted into a riddle.

The great emperor Akbar once ruled India. He was well known for his intelligence. But along with that, he was known for the Nine Gems in his court.

One of his nine gems was Birbal, a quick witted and extremely intelligent man.

The stories of his wit were widely popular.

Once a king from another kingdom heard of Birbal and his intelligence. To test Birbal’s wit, he sent an invitation and called him to visit his kingdom.

Akbar allowed Birbal to go and he took off on the journey.

Birbal was welcomed with flowers and a carnival when he reached the kingdom. After which, he was then escorted to the palace of the king.

As Birbal entered the king’s Courtroom, he found that there were six people sitting in front of him adorning the same robe.

All the 6 men were looking the same with similar get ups and features and so it was hard to judge who the real king was.

After a couple of minutes, Birbal approached one of them and bowed in front of him greeting him.

That was the real king. How did Birbal know who was the real king?

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