Tough Logical Reasoning Riddle: Who did it??

It’s time for a mind boggling puzzle.

A man was killed in an office. At the time of murder there were only four people in the office; Mr. Reese, Mr. Bilbo. Mr. Gerry and Mr. Yang.

When police asked them who did it they got the following statements from each one of them.

After analysis the police found out that three of them were lying and they were able to catch the killer.

Analyze the statements below and find out who did it.

Please note that three of the statements below are false.

  1. Mr. Reese: ‘Mr. Bilbo did it.’
  2. Mr. Bilbo: ‘Mr. Reese did it.’
  3. Mr. Gerry: ‘Mr. Bilbo’s telling the truth.’
  4. Mr. Yang: ‘Mr. Gerry’s not lying.’


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