Sherlock Holmes Riddle: Who Stole the Animals?

Like detective riddles? Then this one is for you.

A hen, a dog and a cat are stolen. Three suspects are arrested named Robin, Steve and Tim. The police are sure that each of them has stolen one of the animals but they don’t know who stole which animal.

Sherlock Holmes is appointed to identify and is provided with the following statements from the investigation.

Robin – Tim stole the hen.

Steve – Tim stole the dog.

Tim – Both Robin and Steve are lying. I neither stole hen, nor dog.

Sherlock is somehow able to deduce that the man who stole the cat is telling a lie and the man who stole the hen is telling truth.

Can you help him find out who stole which animal?

So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes Riddle: Who Stole the Animals?”

  1. Robin says “Tim stole hen”
    Steve says “Tim stole dog”
    Tim says “Liars. I stole neither”

    We know cat-thief lied, hen-thief told truth.

    Robin is hen-thief. Robin says Tim stole hen. Robin is lying and cannot be hen-thief.
    Tim is hen-thief. Tim says other stole hen. Tim is lying and cannot be hen-thief.
    So, Steve is hen-thief.

    Steve is hen-thief. Hen-thief is true. Steve says Tim stole dog.
    Tim is dog-thief.

    Robin is cat-thief. Robin says Tim stole hen. Cat-thief is liar so Robin is lying. This works.


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