How Many Holes in this T Shirt?

This riddle seems to be super easy but you will be surprised to see the different answers you will get.

Look at the picture below and guess how many holes are there in this T shirt?

Carefully look at the image and then give your answer.

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8 thoughts on “How Many Holes in this T Shirt?”

  1. Leaving out the information about the dimensions of the shirt leaves variables. All we know is that it’s a drawing of a shirt. Being very literal… It’s a drawing and has no actual holes. It can be 2 holes if drawn on paper with 2 holes cut in it. If they want you to pretend it’s a real shirt that they drew and count “all the holes” it would still be a flat image and would be 6 holes. And if we really use our imagination and assume it’s a real 3 dimensional shirt then it would be 8 holes. Because of the back of the shirt… Maybe an over thought response. But there’s no real clear answer. It’s all perspective and assumption, and however logically a person looks at what they provide.

  2. With this shirt picture This being the key word, there are 6 holes, unless you can see the back ( even though you see edges go around ) that doesn’t mean the shirt Has a back. We go on what is shown …there are 6 holes.

  3. Topologically, there are either 6 or 7 known holes, assuming it is a normal shirt with two sleeve holes, one neck hole, and one waist opening. We see two holes in the front of the shirt, and there is either one large hole in the back to see through, or two smaller holes (we are assuming that there are no other holes in the back of the shirt that we cannot see). With that we have either 7 or 8, yet if we imagine the shirt as one continuous sheet of fabric, we can eliminate one wholes as the border of the sheet (imagine stretching the waist into a large circle with the rest of the shirt laid flat in the middle, it’s topology). Therefore there are either 6 or 7 known holes.

  4. The more likely answer is 7. The tshirt is limp so the edges of the back holes would partially be seen. More likely One big hole in the back equaling 7

  5. I say that The real answer is seven holes
    Because that a ordinary T-shirt have 3 holes. Without counting for 2 holes for sleven so is that Topological equal to an tuben with only 1 holes, therefore have an ordinary T-shirt only 3 holes.

    But many counts 4 holes (holes in an sphere).

    But with holes in The surface of an sphere, is it not an real sphere.

  6. Yes, all the parts which have an opening can be called as holes. –

    would you not count the two holes you put your arms through as well as the 2 holes your arms come out of ? surely thats the same as putting your head through the torso hole and out the collar hole – if you count the two entry arm holes its 10 ..

  7. What if there is no back? What if the back has one hole that is large enough that it includes both the front holes? What if there are other holes in back we cannot see? You are making many assumptions .


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