This ‘Nothing else matters’ Cover By Thaikkudam Bridge Will Impress Metallica

Nothing else Matters is one of the best songs done by Metallica and is truly a classic.

You must have heard many covers by Indian bands but his cover really blew my mind.

The Rock band Thaikkudam Bridge from Kerala gets it right and the vocals are too good.

You might also like the slight improvisation towards the end…so listen to the whole song…..Must see and hear for all rock fans.


Nothing else matters – Thaikkudam Bridge – Music Mojo Season 3 – KappaTV

Metallica cover
Band – Thaikkudam Bridge
Vocals – Anish Krishnan
Guitars – Mithun Raju, Ashok Nelson
Bass – Vian Fernandez
Violin – Govind Menon
Backing vocals – Piyush Kapur
Keyboards – Ruthin Thej
Drums – Anish TN
Mixed & mastered by Amith Bal

Executive Producer – Sumesh lal
Direction – Ajan RS
Production – Sujith Unnithan
DOP – Vipin Chandran
Camera – Viju, Ranjith, Manu, Reji, Sarath, Vishnu, Mahesh SR, Aneesh CS
Editor – Jobin Sebastian
Sound – Melody
Recording Engineer – Prasanth Valsaji
Sound asst – Suhail
Production Coordinator – Hari Krishnan
Lights – Gowri Vision