Mumbai Mantra of Success: What can the city of Mumbai teach us?

What can the city of Mumbai teach us?

Here’s a short film that captures the spirit of Mumbai in less than 3 minutes. A city teaching us that without struggle there is no success.

The city of Mumbai teaches you a lot. This short film just tells you how much it teaches us through it’s local trains.

A part of the majority of Mumbaikars, he local train keeps on running on the tracks on daily basis.


Mumbai Mantra of Success

MUMBAI MANTRA (For translations)

Run. Run. Run.
Push. Pull. Adjust.

Run. Run. Run.
Sing. Sleep. Dream.
Eat. Pray. Love.

Run. Run. Run.
Work. Sweat. Serve.
Wait. Watch. Worry.
Rich. Poor. Alike.

Day. Night. Repeat.

Struggle. Survive. Succeed.
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