Pets Like to Follow Their Owners Everywhere

Living with a pet is a wonderful experience, one that many would never sacrifice for anything. However, there are a few downsides to living with your pets.

One such downside? Animals can follow you everywhere you go. Your pets love you. They love you to an extent that, they never want you to be out of their sight. Goes without saying even when you’re using the loo.

Non-Pet parents would find this pictures gross but I am sure all the pet owners would relate to at least one of these pictures. If you don’t let them in the loo they would surely be waiting for you right outside.

Pets in loo07 Pets in loo08 Pets in loo09 Pets in loo10 Pets in loo01 Pets in loo002 Pets in loo03 Pets in loo04 Pets in loo05 Pets in loo06