Election Result 2014 Jokes and Trolls

As soon the Results started pouring in so started the jokes related to the elections.

Here are some which I got and liked.

Kejriwal ka naya aarop desh ki janta BJP se mili hui he.


Desh k dushman bhagenge ban k bhigi billi……….
Singhasan khali karo…………. Modi aa rahe Delhi. ….

Final a/c’s of 2014 indian general elections :-

Modiji credited with CLAP.
Kejriwal debited with SLAP.
n rahul baba is immovable from MOTHER’S LAP.




Congress files an FIR against BJP for Gang Rape

Darwaza Khola To Saap Nikla
Wah Wah
Darwaza Khola To Saap Nikla
Ye Narendra Modi To Rajnikant Ka Bhi Baap Nikla

Parents make a note:

When you force your child into a profession against his interest/wish..
The result will be a Rahul Gandhi…


After Results of election

1. BJP will travel in Airbus A-320.
( 320 seats )

2. Congress will travel in One Train Compartment.
( 72 seats )

3. AAP will travel in Auto
( 3 seats ) .

Latest news : Rahul gandhi found in Essel world …Singing “ghar nahi jaoonga mai”

Obama: Dear Modi Ji, Can I get an Indian VISA?
Modi: for what ?
Obama: Woh aapka VISA dene aana tha !

Chitalenchi navin pati..

“Abki bar Modi sarkar.. Tarihi dukan bandach rahil ek te char”


New Congress slogan :
Abki baar……..
Antim sanskaar

2STATES slogan in nasik election: man mast MAGAN,man mast MAGAN! Ata tu kiti pan apat, tari yet nahi CHHAGAN


Urgent Update – Pakistan declares On GeoTv – we don’t want Kashmir now…but we will not give karachi.

Johny Johny
Yes Papa !!!
Modi Sarkaar ???
Yes Papa
Rahul Gandhi ???
No Papa
Arvind Kejriwal ???
Ha Ha Ha….

Election Election

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