How to Hide Your Display Picture AND Status Through WhatsApp Settings?

Previously there was no way to hide your DP or Display pic or Profile Photo on Whatsapp through change in settings. But the new update on Whatsapp has made this possible.

Many people are concerned about their privacy and are reluctant to put their photos as the display pic on Whatsapp. Whatsapp has not improved its privacy control and you can now choose who can see your display picture or DP.

Let’s see the step by step process of choosing who can see your DP ans status on Whatsapp.

Step 1: Open Whatsapp

Step 2: Goto Whatsapp Menu and click on Settings (Different phones have different ways to get to the menu, its usually the main menu button of the phone. Leave a comment if you can’t find menu on your phone.)

Step 3: Once in settings(screen will look like below picture), click on Account.


Step 4: In the account screen click on Privacy. (Picture above)

Step 5: Under Privacy you see Last seen, Profile Photo and Status.

Step 6: Click on Profile Photo / Status.

Step 7: Under Profile Photo / Status you can manage who can see your last seen time.

If you select;

  • Everyone: Anybody who has your number can see your Profile Photo / Status time on Whatsapp.
  • My Contacts: Only those people in your phone address book or Contact list will be able to see your Profile Photo / Status.
  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody can see your Profile Photo / Status.

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