This Could be the Best Gift That You Can Give Your Wife

For their India promotions, British Airways has launched a new campaign on Valentine’s Day called “Go further to get closer”. The 5-minute video nicely portrays the true story of Sumeet and Chetna, a married Indian couple of 3 years who despite loving each other, never really have found the time to know each other. Work pressures coupled with the responsibilities of living with parents and taking care of them, had left them with little time for each other.


The film shows how British Airways helped them get away from it all and closer to each other, with a surprise all-expense paid trip to London. The couple is shown spending close moments at strategic places in London, while the message is spread around how we need to go far to get closer. As reported by AFAQS, the film has been produced by Ogilvy and directed by Vishal Punjabi of the Wedding Filmer.

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