Why Danny Denzongpa is trending on Twitter?

Why Danny Denzongpa is trending on Twitter?
Because Alok Nath was trending before this.

That’s one of the reasons may be. Twiterratis can troll at anyone endlessly.

It is believed that it started he is trending because of the #Sholay3D contest by @utvfilms where he was one of the answers.

As it started trending more and more twitters were wondering as to why it was trending when the man is still alive.


Here are some of the Tweets that were shared.

  • In constipation, most of the people on commode look like Danny Denzongpa.
  • Dhoom 3 should have Danny Denzongpa as the villain. Because every third person in the world is Chinese
  • You login to twitter and see actors like Danny Denzongpa trending…. it’s definitely going to be funny…
  • Bet 90% people have to copy-paste Danny Denzongpa name for tweeting..
  • Danny Denzongpa has such power that you can’t spell his name correctly in one time.
  • Did Danny Denzongpa touch ALOK Nath’s feet today or what! Curious to know why he is trending !!!
  • Danny Denzongpa wore a bulletproof armour yet the bullet passed right through… because there was a CHINK in his armour.
  • Danny Denzongpa kidnaps his own family members to kill boredom.
  • When Danny Denzongpa Walked Into Bar, Chinese Noodles Followed him !


  • Danny Denzongpa has official rights to rape Dimple Kapadia.
  • When Danny Denzongpa was a sperm, he didn’t race the other sperms to the egg. He killed them.
  • Only a south Indian can pronounce Danny Denzongpa correctly at one go.
  • “Why is Danny Denzongpa trending?” being asked repeatedly is the reason why Danny Denzongpa is trending.
  • We sent Sunny Deol with a handpump to Pakistan. About time, we send Danny Denzongpa with chinese checkers to China.
  • Now what did the Gareebo Ke Bruce Lee, Danny Denzongpa do?
  • There is a reason why Danny Denzogappa will never trend. Not everyone can get his spelling right. Oh wait it’s Danny Denzongpa.
  • Will ask Danny Denzongpa to fight on BJP ticket from Arunachal Pradesh, so that China do not object.
  • Danny DenzongPA named his son Denzong, so they both wouldn’t forget whose Pa he is.
  • Dane Dane pe likha hai khane wale ka naam. Goli Goli pe likha hai marne wale ka naam Danny Denzongpa’s version.
  • Danny Denzongpa is trending coz whatsapp is full of 2013 alok nath jokes
  • I tried spelling ‘ Danny Denzongpa ‘ .Now my tongue has 2 knots


Hemant ‘Tarzan’ Birje has a question for us regarding Danny Denzongpa