Scary Japanese Tyre manufacturer Ad: Not for the faint hearted

Advertisers generally create eye-catching commercials to gain publicity but this advertisement is not pleasant and nice like others.

The terrifying TV ad is the creation of a Japanese tyre manufacturer, who want to show just how well their wheels perform in dangerous and unexpected conditions.

After telling the viewer it’s not for the faint of heart, it adds that people should not watch if they have physical or mental problems or need to see their doctor regularly. And it also clears themselves of any liability for ‘illness, injuries or damage’ caused by watching. It claims to be a really great snow tyre and with winter coming is a timely reminder motorists need to protect themselves on the road.


In the advert the motorist drives through a dark, abandoned road and snowflakes drift across the windscreen. The eerie, pitch black surroundings mean only a tiny portion of the road can be seen.

Out of nowhere, a ghost-like girl dressed only in a thin nightdress can be seen hunched over in the road. What happens next is guaranteed to make you jump, shriek and vow never to watch television again. After the terrifying encounter, the motorist can be seen frantically reversing away from the gory spectacle.

The unexpected visitor is seen to be helpfully holding an open laptop with details of the tyre maker Autoway.

The most terrifying advert you will ever watch! Japanese tyre commercial that comes with its own health warning (so don’t blame us…)

Scary Japanese Tire Commercial