A letter to my pet dog who is over the rainbow bridge

My sweet child Simba,

Angels do exist on earth…I now know it!

There are always certain instances and events which take place in life which are as fresh as yesterday, and never fade away! You entering my life was one such day! I have always loved Disney’s movie “The Lion King” and it has always been very close to my heart, don’t even have a count of the no. of times I must have seen that movie, but the day I saw it for the 1st time in 1996, I decided that I am gonna have a pet dog and his name’s gonna be SIMBA…my lion king!

Though your actions were never like a Lion King…yet you had an elegance and attitude which proved your name! The 1st time I held you in my hands…the 1st drive back home when you mounted on Puneet’s shoulders and slept and the 1st time we let you down on the floor at home…all just seems like yesterday!

Things which scared you…how you peed in litres on the newspaper sheets and how you used to sit in the kitchen while I made eggs for you…waiting to gobble it all up…and yes…I remembered…you’re a Labrador!

We never realized how you grew up so quickly…hiding under bedsheets, crunching empty pet bottles, running after a ball and sleeping endlessly during the day! And then there was our 1st visit to Murud Janjira…you were just 6 months old! It took me days of endless search and calls to find a resort which would let you in…that’s how the world was and always is my child…but Sandpiper was generous enough to let you in…right from that time till the last time we went in 2012! I remember you sitting on Puneet’s lap throughout the 4 tedious hours of drive to enjoy the wind blowing on your face and you enjoying every bit of it…with your ears flapping…I could see the joy and excitement in your tail…and of cos on your face too!:-)

And then endlessly running on the long stretch of beach…you looked like a total maniac to me Simbu! Exhausted, taking a bath back and resting like it was a hard day at work! We captured every single bit of that…how could we miss it!

Everytime our trips were arranged to Murud Janjira only becos we knew you loved being there! That’s the only time besides our home when you could go off leash! Oh yess…how can I forget…a trip to Mahabaleshwar too and frequent trips to Nashik home with all the care and affection you got from your grandparents there! I knew what it meant to you!

7 and half years is a long time…and the joy you gave us is something I can never put it in words…but I guess you knew what you meant to us! You were always there when I needed you Simba…in good times, in bad times…you have seen it all! Never gave us trouble when we moved from house to house, when we sometimes got late in feeding you or taking you down…you never complained! How could you never demand??? You deserved it!

Even in your last days with us, you made sure to wag your tail to show your happy…you dint have the energy but you still wanted to go straight to the bathroom to get your feet washed after the walk…and you still wanted to let your butt to Snoopy so that he could sleep peacefully while you stayed awake! What taught you to be so considerate?

Life isn’t the same after you left…We miss you terribly my child…every single day! Not a day passes by when we don’t think of you…your favourite places in the house, your favourite food and your walks! You were so much a part of our lives that life seems empty without you!

I never knew what rainbow bridge ever meant before you left us! Your brother too misses you…we sense it when he goes down for a walk…when he finishes his food and doesn’t have to be scared that you might come and eat up his food, and when he sleeps all alone with no butt to lean on!

I hope and wish you have a happy new life and come back to us in whatever form…though I wouldn’t want you to take the human form since you aren’t meant for it!

We miss you my bacha, Simba, Simbu, Simbudi, Simbuklal, Simbakumar, ladoo, jalebi, and all the funny names we called you with…we miss you my angel! God bless!

Your mom, dad and little bro…