Tune Mere Jaana/Lonely/Emptiness Sung By Rohan Rathore or Gajender Verma? Here’s the Truth

If you have been following my blog you must have already gone through The real story of Rohan Rathore.

I am been following and trying to find the truth behind the story for quite some time now. The only reliable source that I could find was Hindustan Times. Here is the story published by Hindustan Times.

It’s a story that would touch anyone’s heart — Rohan Rathore, an IIT-Guwahati student, loved a girl who didn’t reciprocate his feelings. He composed a heart-wrenching number for her and died of cancer 15 days later. The song, titled Emptiness, became a rage online, with around 15 lakh views and eight dedicated Facebook groups with thousands of fans. However, there is a hitch. Apparently, Rohan Rathore does not exist. Gajendra Verma, a 21-year-old sound recordist from Mumbai, says that he has sung the song, written by Aseem Ahmed Abbasee, a writer, and Verma’s friend, Monami Roy.

To counter the Rohan Rathore story, Verma will be releasing the complete album with six songs next month, and has already posted the song on YouTube, with a slideshow of his pictures. “I had composed the tune for a project one-and-a-half years ago. I had sent the song to some people for feedback, and I think it got leaked then,” says Verma.

Gajendra Verma album cover

Reacting to allegations that he and Aseem cooked up this story to publicise the song and increase downloads, he says, “Why would I publicise my song using someone else’s name?” He adds, “I feel really bad when I see someone else’s name on my song. I don’t even know how Rohan Rathore’s name got attached to it. I know that the voice is mine.” Aseem Abbasee, the lyricist, says he is unaware about the Rohan Rathore story. “I wrote this song when Gajendra approached me for it. It’s unfortunate that it got stolen and people attached a false story with it.”

Shortly after the song became popular, fans got curious. Sumit Lal wrote, “I finally dug out the story. No one at IIT-G knows who Rathore is.” “People like the song because of the story behind it,” read another comment.

The album cover apparently released by Gajendra Verma is the published with this post, but it has no reliable source.

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  1. I dont care that what is the real story behind this song.but this song touch my heart. Its heart touching.;-
    super star $

  2. i m feeling so happy bcoz this story is false n i wish that no one want to suffer form situation like the story

  3. Gud 2 knw dat da story is fake…i wish no such thing happen in reality wid nybdy..

  4. Song is really heart touching ,i don’t care about the story behind it wheater it is true or not i just love this song !

  5. If Gajendra is d real singr of dis, den he should expose himself in front by national T.V. Or any other source….ovrall its a nice one:-)

  6. i love this song and it really touched my heart and also made me cry. so for me this song is heart touchable song.

  7. i already know it from a long time as there is no such student named Rohan Rathore in our college(iit guwahati0..the guy was making publicity on the name of IIT and on that story…….

  8. i have to request u people who criticized about mkting n publishing plz don’t ever try to play a business game with anyone’s sentiments just leave it frnds to talk about rubbish fundas of business

  9. I don’t knw about d tru story behind dis song but d song is really heart touching….& i m really feeling bad about rathore however…….. i don’t knw whether dis person really exists or not…….

  10. plz guyzzzz hlp me out. i wnt 2 frgt dt fellow bt i cnt. y i loved dt boy who hurtz me a lot. stil he is thrin cntct wid meh. bt i dnt rplyd. he wntz 2 patch up, bt he wnts me to propos. he dnt use 2 sae a singl word. wt shud i do frnzzzz. shud i move on? & m so lonely yea…. thrz a betr plce:- emptinessss 🙁 🙁 :-((

  11. plzzzz guyz wait fo d ryt tym…vl shortly cum 2 knw dt wtz d actual story behind diz heart touchng song. i realy loved dis song. i jus dedicate dis song 2 my ‘x’ who left me in april ’11. I STIL MISSES HIM & I LOVE HIM A LOT. ND MAH COLLER TUNE IS DIS SONG NLY.

  12. It is really nice to see how people even after knowing the reality of rohan rathoad Are praising him….Their is now bleady thing like rohan….and Mr Gajendra did it coz he want to promote his song and now he is saying he dont know how his name got attached to it…It was all just a story to promote this song…And people plz dont get mad over pussies like this….

  13. Ppl. Stop complaining for ur own stupidity of believing some crazy ass story. Gajendra is a very nice person and a mind-blowing singer. Wait till he blows your mind away by singing this song and more in front of u. For those who dont know, he has already recorded a full hindi version of ‘Tune Mere Jaana’ and an even more touching song titled ‘Phir Suna’ with awesome lyrics. Don’t worry Gajju. Our prayers are with you, bhai. Waiting for the album.

  14. match the voice is simple & best solution
    gajendr have to proof that it is his voice (in front of media or public). or lunch a new song. simply match the voice. if match then good otherwise it may be sang by rohan .

    song is very good & famous and it must have a owner !!

  15. I don think dis is a false story..
    bt d song is superb no doubt n story is also very hurt touching whether it is true or not i don care…

  16. i heard..this song…& ..it’s really..sung ..very..well..by unknow..person..& …rohan rathore does not exist…& now ..when..the..song..is..popular..gajeder verma claims that he deserves the fame…even..i can..sing..the..song…very excatly..to .match the same…if someone..this song..belongs to him..then he has prove..this..

  17. i love dis song verrrrrrrrrrrry much,,,,,,,,,,,wen i cum 2 kwn the story behind this of rohan rathore,i felt very sad n upset for rohan,,,,,,,bt nw knwing the truth i want to gajendra to expose himself on television

  18. I dnt care wat was story bhind d song…..i want another same type song with another fake story..story nd song both r gud keep it uppppp

  19. I realy disspointed.. And get sad. To listion about truth of that song.. In the starting. But now it hurts too .when i know rohan rathore is fake…

  20. when the song is popular then everyone claim that he sang the song if u really sung the song then prove it by launching another part we judge that…..i know this is
    really sung by rohan rathode.

  21. i love d song coz itz lyrics r fabulous, n nt bcoz of sum stupid story…. N gajendra verma shud sing dis song publicly so dat v really cum 2 knw abt d truth

  22. whoeva sang dis song bt da song is really heart touching. I appreciate dis song really. Nd abt da story dt was also vry touching. Sry to say bt i wish it was a real story…

  23. fabulous singer…..very lovely voice…….sang directly from his heart………love you……..

  24. I love this songs bcoz this songs is touching in my heart.And rohan rathore is very good person. He life is nt good bcoz his cancer.

  25. Mr. Gajendra varma..if u r d really singer of tune mere jana then why dont u sing dis song wid sum changes or u can sing another song…nd aftr dat it wil b prove dat u r d real singer.okkzzz

    • @Ashima: just go through the other articles on the site…apparently the song is sung by Gajendra Verma..

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