Life is like mirror…

Sorry guys, have been really busy these days with first the Diwali celebration…was off to Nashik to in laws place for few days, and then in laws had come here…finally found sometime to write!

I have been interacting with so many people in the past few days that every time I did something wherein I expected a certain response, and yes…that’s exactly what happened! Its like manipulating or designing a response you want from a certain person or event.

Its been more than 2 years after my marriage, and since we stay in a nuclear family with just me, my hubby and my pet, we don’t really enjoy much or are rather not comfortable being in family events or gatherings. We rather avoid it as far as possible! Diwali is one such event where the entire family gets together, since my hubby’s brothers and all are again in different locations, so this event brings all of us together once in a year. As mentioned, family gatherings are a bit restricted, we can never avoid this one…but it turned out to be one of the best Diwali I have had so far! I wouldn’t be going into the details of what we did and all, but would just like to highlight this fact that, I had thought those 2 days @ Nashik in my mind beforehand… every single thing…and it was all good…and it turned out to be much more better than I had visualized.

The way I had planned this, I would like to give an example of another planned event or rather a triggered event which just multiplied. My maid left job last week, so I was upset. Now not in touch with cooking and other chores for such a long time, suddenly was doing everything from cleaning vessels to washing clothes…frustration…irritation…now look at the way this multiplies…next day had a fight with a very close friend, discrepancies with another friend, a major problem at office where I got blasted for no mistake! The entire week had been horrible…but how did this happen?? I triggered it with my mood…with being grumpy n irritated and angry, and it just kept multiplying!

I wouldn’t say that you can completely avoid such situations…but in case you are confronted with 1 situation…don’t let it linger on and on…you should learn to switch over to something good…that’s the secret to planning and receiving what you desire! If I had continued that grumpiness this week too, I am sure to receive much more of it this week…but I stopped thinking, talking about it, enjoyed my time with my in laws who came over the weekend…cooked good food, learnt new recipes from her, spent time with my sister and parents, and got me out of the messy feeling…and a new beginning for a new week where I did some good job at work, got appreciations, and here my life was back on track!

Try this friends…and gimme your feedback, its worked for me, am sure it will for you too! Remember…

Life is like a mirror…whatever you give to it, it will give back to you…so smile and life will smile to you!

Have a wonderful weekend!