Poem- Betrayed…?

I used to like the chirping of the birds,

And the whistling of the wind,

Listening to the beautiful songs,

That life with you would sing.

Our never-ending lengthy walks,

And our non-stop loving talks,

Across the golden sun-lit beaches,

About what life ahead preaches.

I thought you would always love me,

And promised you’d never leave me,

I could’nt imagine my life without you,

And the horror of waking up someday not finding you.

But dreams are always meant to be broken,

And promises are words only to be spoken,

Coz life brings short-timed happiness,

And leaves with a gloomy faced sadness.

Seeing you go away made me cry,

Tears ran down as they would never dry,

But the fact of life was that you had gone,

And you left me in the darkness all alone.

The good days with you never lasted,

And with a confused & broken heart we parted,

But the memories of the past always whirled in my heart,

And I felt like a scared child left in the dark.

Days without you are not the same,

But as its said “Its all in the game,”

You got to live with the facts of life,

And move ahead against the tide.

But there are neither blames nor accusation,

I don’t hold you responsible for my position,

Maybe it was all written in the destiny,

That my own feelings became my enemy.

Since now you have gone far away,

And I promise never to come your way,

Wish you the best happiness life brings,

And I got to catch hold of my life’s strings.

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